Harmonic Mediation Society:
"Transforming Conflict to Harmony"

A not-for-profit helping people reconcile differences, develop deep mutual understanding, and co-create strategies to care for each other's needs.



Learn to be a Harmonic Empathic Listener, Harmonic Connection Guide, or a Harmonic Mediator, and help people navigate their feelings and resolve conflict in their relationships with their partners, children, families, friends, workplaces, and communities.

People find this to be an incredibly connecting and fulfilling way to be of service, create social change, and to be financially sustainable.

The next Level 2 cohort for those with NVC training will start February 15, with classes on Thursdays from 1pm to 3pm Pacific time. It is offered by certified NVC trainer John Kinyon. If you take the course with John, there will be an optional add-on available for certification with HMS. 

We are also working on a new Level 1 course for people new to NVC.



We will soon be offering weekly by-donation interactive workshops designed specifically to enhance the relationships of couples. The workshops will combine relationship coaching and conflict resolution practice to teach and put into action skills to increase connection and relationship satisfaction.

The skills learned in the workshops are supported by small support groups that will meet weekly and one-on-one support from our certified members.

Similar programs will follow for other groups, such as parents, families, seniors, etc.

Sign up for pre-launch at HarmonicCouples.com



Combining coaching, Harmonic Mediation, group-informed decision making, and more, this certification program for workplaces will become a draw for employees, increase employee satisfaction, and decrease turnover.

This program is in the planning stages, in partnership with a department head at a leading Canadian college. He has grown a small team to over 50 in under three years and is building his team's culture with Harmonic Workspace practices. Resulting from this, his department is receiving the highest employee satisfaction ratings at the college.



The "Mutual Understanding and Agreements" deck aids people in sharing, listening, reflecting, and coming up with agreements to meet everyone's needs together. 

The "Healing and Reconciliation Deck" adds extra cards for more emotionally challenging conversations, including a set of cards to handle difficulties that come during a conversation and a set of exercise cards to help people empathically connect with themselves and others.

Each card also links to coaching videos and demonstrations. The decks will be available soon, with optional prep and agreement logs. They will also be available as a by-donation PDF download or as a professionally printed kit.

Launching December.



The Wheel of Life is a popular coaching tool used to help individuals evaluate and reflect upon the satisfaction in different areas of their lives.

We're using it to help people identify areas they appreciate or want to improve about their relationships and lives. Then, the Mutual Understanding and Agreement card deck and coaching videos create a structure for those discussions based in Harmonic Mediation.

We have acquired the definitive domain, WheelOfLife.com, and will develop this tool to offer for free to HMS, as well as making it available to life and relationship coaches and other helping professionals, and their clients. The screenshot here is from a working prototype.

We're hoping to launch the first version in the first quarter of 2024.

A not-for-profit helping people reconcile differences, develop deep mutual understanding, and co-create strategies to care for each other's needs.

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