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Help resolve conflict and bring people together... Learn by donation.

The next Level 2 cohort starts: Thursday, February 15, 2024



Provide a supportive space for individuals to express their emotions and experiences amidst conflicts or distress and help them foster deep self-awareness and self-empathy, through skillful reflection of what they share.

Six months:
- Self-study: By donation
- Live classes with assigned practice partners: $67/month
- Certification Path: $147/month + Practicum

Have 6+ months & 30+ hours of NVC training? You can start at Level 2.

This course is in development.



Help individuals gain empathy for others involved in conflicts and practice articulating their feelings, needs, and requests in ways that are more likely to be heard and more likely to result in understanding and solutions.

Starts Thursday, February 15, 2024. Classes 1pm - 3pm Pacific.

Classes are offered by John Kinyon with an optional add-on to get certified with HMS.



Guide a process in which parties involved in a disagreement or dispute are brought together to express their perspectives, understand each other better, and collaboratively find ways to get their needs met with care.

This is a continuation of Level 2, starting mid 2024. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HMS?

Harmonic Mediation Society (HMS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to spreading these social change skills and helping our members to financially thrive while contributing to society.

What if I want to get certified, but the cost is a barrier?

It's important to us to make it as assessable as possible. Please reach out to us to see if you can barter for certification by volunteering with HMS.

What is Harmonic Mediation?

It's a structured approach to conflict resolution based in Nonviolent Communication. It emphasizes deep understanding, empathy, and authentic connection. This style of mediation seeks to transform conflict to harmony by ensuring thorough mutual understanding, including delving into the underlying feelings and needs of all involved.

The ultimate goal is to cultivate mutual respect, achieve a deeper connection, and guide participants to craft their own strategies that honour the universal needs of everyone involved.

Who are these courses for?

Adults of all ages find this course to provide a powerful set of tools to recover from past hurt, bridge divides in their personal and work lives, and to transform their relationship with conflict.

Healing professionals such as therapists, counsellors, life and relationship coaches, end-of-life doulas, and other professionals such as court-appointed mediators, teachers, managers, organization leaders, and even hair dressers find this training makes them much more effective in their roles.

How does the self-study option work?

This option is available by a monthly donation of your choice. Please consider your financial ability and our need for sustainability when choosing the amount to donate. 

You will start at the same time as everyone else in your cohort and will get weekly access to the pre-recorded training materials.

You can also look for friends to practice with in our Facebook group.

How does the live classes option work?

In addition to the training material, you can attend six months of weekly Zoom classes of two hours each for a total of 24 classes for each level. 

In the classes, you can ask questions, participate in class discussions, watch live demos by those on the certification path, hear the feedback they get, and apply that extra learning in the practice break-out rooms in the second hour of class, where you can get help from mentors. 

How does the certification path work?

You get all the class material, including additional videos of real client sessions, and video analysis of those sessions.

In class, you will have opportunities to practice in front of the trainers and get live feedback. You will also get feedback on assignments and homework.

To be certified, you will also successfully complete a practicum of three or more months where you will work with 30 or more practice clients. During that time you can also join a weekly practicum debrief group session where you can discuss and role-play situations that came up.

Once certified, you can join HMS as a member. Membership provides license to use our branding and materials, as well as other benefits. There are two options, starting at $29/month for do-it-yourself, and $79 for a done-for-you option.

What does HMS membership mean?

Once certified at any level, you can become a do-it-yourself or a done-for-you member of HMS. Each has several benefits.

The do-it-yourself membership is $29/month. As a member, you can call yourself a certified Harmonic practitioner at the level you are certified to. You can use our branding and materials as a licensed practitioner. You will be listed in our upcoming practitioner directory, with a link to your profile, social media, and website. You will get exposure there through our upcoming marketing campaigns, starting with a $10k/month Google Ad grant. You will also get access to our practitioner Facebook group to ask questions, get help, and get referrals. You can even build your website with our templates and visual website builder and host it for free with us!

The done-for-you membership is $79/month + 30% of fees from clients we refer. Your profile in our directory will have a booking button for clients to schedule your service and we'll take care of bookings, billing, client follow-up, and collection of reviews. You can also join weekly group mentor calls to discuss client work and get help from your peers and teachers. We also plan to add our own online meeting rooms in the future, so you won't need your own Zoom account.

A not-for-profit helping people reconcile differences, develop deep mutual understanding, and co-create strategies to care for each other's needs.

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